BV Dairy, Shaftesbury

BV Dairies is a widely respected independent manufacturer of consistently top-quality dairy products for the food service and manufacturing industries. The company has been established since 1958 and were in need of a new chill store with offices built. Culm Cooling were asked to design and install the most energy efficient refrigeration system for the chill store and carry out the full M&E fit out. This complete refit included electrical, plumbing, ventilation and air conditioning.

Energy Efficiency

For some organisations, refrigeration costs can represent more than 50% of the overall energy bill and up to 20% can be wastage. A modern and energy efficient refrigeration system can help save you money. We know how energy savings can be made and how to get cost effective and efficient systems up and running in your business.


Culm Cooling were asked to provide a refrigeration system to include as many energy efficient components as possible so we included:

  • EC condenser fans
  • EC evaporator fans
  • Inverter driven compressor
  • Liquid sub cooling
  • Defrost on demand
  • Electronic expansion valves
  • Danfoss AK CC 550 evaporator controllers.
  • Floating head pressure
  • 449a low GWP refrigerant

Based on the size of the chill store we selected 2 x SCA refrigeration packs with inverter driven compressors and ec fans running on R449a refrigerant and for inside the chill store we had 5 x LuVe F35HC box evaporators and 3 x LuVe 812 dual discharge evaporators.

Mechanical & Electrical

Culm Cooling were also awarded the mechanical and electrical contract within this we designed and built the full electrical, plumbing and ventilation systems for the cold store.
In our electrical design we incorporated low energy LED lighting and the most up to date energy efficient heaters.
For the main heating/cooling we fitted Toshiba inverter driven air source heat pumps for a low energy high heat/cooling output.
For the plumbing to reduce water usage we supplied and fitted low water usage toilet cisterns and infra-red motion sensors on all the taps.

Our Clients comments

Culm Cooling were very receptive to our objectives of installing and running an energy efficient refrigeration system with minimal environmental impacts. Culm Cooling’s proposal incorporated all of the best practice refrigeration principles. The installation was swift and hassle-free, followed by a detailed commissioning phase which required close liaison between us. The outcome is a refrigeration system which is tuned to operate with minimal resources and minimal environmental impact. We hope the system will deliver these benefits for many years to come

Jim Highnam
BV Dairy