Lidl, Teignmouth

Culm Cooling were approached to complete a full fit out on a new Lidl store in Teignmouth.

This site had 2 pumped glycol systems with 1 air cooler each. The glycol was pumped round a circuit to the integral condensers on the cases to cool the discharge gas then it returned to the air cooler to reject the heat and so the circuit continued.

The coldrooms were fitted with remote evaporators while the plant on the roof also had water cooled condensers.

We ran in 2 x water circuits in a 76mm stainless and carbon steel pipe using mappress fittings and pressure tested for leak.

On the frozen and chiller coldrooms,we ran in copper services from plant to the evaporators and 35mm stainless water pipe for the water cooled condenser.

We really enjoyed completing this job as glycol was a new experience for us. Since then we have completed a few more jobs running on a glycol system and are really enjoying the work it entails.