Single Premises Owner

We, here at Culm understand the mechanics of being a single premises owner or small business.

The fact that you are looking for new equipment or replacing old means that you are a successful,  growing business and time is precious. We also understand that Refrigeration, Air conditioning and electrical matters are probably alien to you and where to start is a daunting thought.

We have been trading for many years and have covered most scenarios, our experience is at your disposal, and if it’s new to us we love a challenge.

The process starts with you contacting us by email or phone.

We have an informal chat to discuss what you would like and if we can help. Following that we can arrange a no obligation free site visit to discuss what equipment you may need and  where it is to go. We will then provide you with a detailed quote on various options to suit your purse.

We will encourage you to ask questions and we will endeavour to answer those questions in an honest and easy to understand way.

If you decide to use us, we will assign you a project manager and draw up a plan of works.

That project manager is there to answer your questions and pre-empt any problems.  Because Culm offers the whole package of mechanical and electrical works, the installation will run quickly and smoothly, no waiting for contractors waiting for other contractors.

We will work around you and your business.

Once installed we can offer a maintenance  contract to back up the warranty on the equipment. We use recognised and trusted equipment from Toshiba, Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin and others.

Our aim is to give you a quality installation at an affordable price with the least amount of disruption possible to the running of your business.

Our installation and maintenance service covers the whole of the South West of England and South Wales.

Get in touch.