Meet The Team

Welcome to Culm Cooling. We have a great team ready to assist you.

Steven – Director

Steven Berry Culm Cooling

When I was 17 I started work as an apprentice for Excel Logistics, a large industrial refrigeration company.  I made company history by being made the youngest assistant engineer at 19. I then moved to Nova Cold, a large industrial cold storage company where I was a senior engineer. I naturally progressed into Supermarket refrigeration working for Westward Refrigeration, where I met Di. I then went on to work for Lloyds, an Air Conditioning company to gain an all round knowledge of refrigeration and air conditioning with the yet to be named Culm Cooling in mind. Following the air conditioning job I worked for Space, a major refrigeration company where I gained managerial experience as a senior area supervisor.

In August 2005, Culm Cooling was conceived and we went live in April 2006 and we are still going strong 12 years on!

 Diana – Director

I started work aged 19 for one of the big banks. I found book keeping was my thing so I moved to the MOD working in the Pay office as a unit sub accountant. I worked there for a number of years until the pay office moved to Glasgow. I then became a service controller for Westwards, a large refrigeration company where I met Steve. In 2006 Steve and I decided to start Culm Cooling. We have been running and growing Culm Cooling for 12 years now, going Ltd in 2013.

Elliot – Director


My journey started back in 1990 and in a very different way to where I am now.

I, like many kids leaving school, had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do. I did however have the ability to draw and paint quite well. With this I went on to do A levels in anything related with art and also photography as I liked the idea of becoming a film director!
After doing well in my A levels and now convinced I was going to become the next Alfred Hitchcock, I went on to do an art foundation at Plymouth University. After completing the course at Plymouth I found it hard to get any further. I needed experience to get to the next step in education and I needed qualifications to get the work that would give me the experience.

Feeling bitter and convinced that the only way was “who you know not what you know” I decided to take a year out. My father was a self employed electrician at the time and had just started working for a firm that carried out refits for supermarkets. I became his mate and the rest, as they say, is history. I took to the work very quickly. I loved the fact that the work was all over the country and that we got to stay away a lot. The jobs were intense but short programmes. It was not long before the firm had confidence in me to work alone and then run my own jobs. I carried on self employed until about the year 2000 when I helped to start up Red Rock Electrical. It was then that with their help I decided that it was time to get some qualifications!

With all qualifications under my belt, including the dreaded Inspection & Testing, I became the Q.S. at Red Rock. In April 2013 I was offered the challenge of starting up an electrical division to the already successful Culm Cooling. With great trepidation I accepted the challenge and again “the rest is history”